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Albert Science International Organization (ASIO) is international , peer-reviewed , open access , cum print version & online journals.
About ASIO

Albert Science International Organization (ASIO) is a Print version cum Open-Access publisher of journals & books covering a wide range of academic disciplines. ASIO serves the world's research and scholarly communities and aims to be one of the largest publishers for professional and scholarly societies. ASIO's journals maintain the highest standards of peer review, with some internationally-recognized editors serving on the editorial boards of ASIO's journals. ASIO is not only a publisher, but also a hub for scientists. ASIO is a platform offering excellent resources for research. It connects traditional publishing with the opportunities afforded by new technologies. Through publishing with ASIO, your work can enjoy worldwide reach and you can get a quick response from your colleagues worldwide. ASIO is a world’s most prestigious learned groups and publishers. Our goal is to bring high quality research work. Other than publications of journals & Books, we also provide some subsidiary products & services like  thesis formatting & publishing etc. 

Aims and Scope

ASIO is an international Publication House and it aims to explore the innovations surrounding the inter-disciplinary interaction from various perspectives and to encourage cooperation among all scientific and between the academic and business fields. Investigation of knowledge has made scientists famous. So investigation of your work to the world not only makes you legendary but also creates a glow in the flourishing scientists, nourishes the researchers and furnishes the science of art. ASIO provides you the platform, with all aspects of Arts like political science; History; English literature; Philosophy; Economics, & Applied sciences such as Mathematics; Chemistry; Physics; Biology; Chemical Sciences; Agriculture; Biochemistry; Microbiology; Nanotechnology; Nutrients; Food and Biotechnology, Medical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, Physiotherapy and Engineering & Technology Professions. Ultimate goal of ASIO is to take your research and review to share your ideas and spread your knowledge to every corner of the world by cutting off the time factor. 

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Fees for Publication

We cover the costs partially through article processing fees. Our expenses are split among editorial costs, electronic composition and production, journal information system, manuscript management system, electronic archiving, overhead expenses, web site maintenance and administrative costs. Moreover, we are providing research paper publishing in minimum available cost only for Rapid, Fast and Medium Track Publication Process. In case of Rapid, Fast and Medium Track Publication Process, all the submitted papers will be published only after successful payment of publishing charges. Otherwise, for normal track mode we publish the manuscript with free of cost.

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