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List of Conferences  in India

May 2016
11th International Conference on Advanced Computing Techniques Bangalore, India
12th International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering Karkala, India
12th National Conference On Advanced Computing And Communication Technology(NCACC 2016) Thodupuzha, India
13th International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering Applications and Management Concepts Hyderabad, India
14th International Conference on Information, Communication & Computing Technology delhi, India
15th IETR-International Conference on Current Advances in Engineering and Technology (ICCAET-2016) Chennai, India
17th International Conference on Engineering & Technology Research -2016 Salem, India
18th Rethinking Interdisciplinarity: Bridging the Rift Silchar, India
20th 2nd International Conference on Power, Circuit and Information Technologies (ICPCIT-2016) Bangalore, India
20th 3rd DAV National Congress :Science, Technology, Engineering, Humanities & Management - 2016 Jalandhar, India
22nd IETR-International Conference on Recent Advances in Engineering Science and Technology (ICRAEST-2016) Hyderabad, India
23rd 4th National Conference on Condensed Matter Physics and Applications (CMPA – 2016) Manipal, India
23rd International Workshop On Computational Intelligence And Applications New Delhi, India
24th 7th Annual Clinical Trials Summit 2016 Mumbai, India
24th 2nd Pharma Pricing,Reimbrusement & Market Access Bangalore, India
24th 7th Annual Clinical Trial Summit 2016 Mumbai, India
25th Second National Level Workshop on techniques in bioactive metabolites from marine and other bioresources during 25-27, May 2016 Chennai, India
26th ICSTSD-2016 Nashik, India
26th One Day Conference of All India Association for Education Research on Early Childhood care and Education Patna, India
27th International Conference on Emerging Trends in Science & Technology (ICETST-2016) KODAD, India
27th 4 th International Conference on Progress in science Management and Engineering Bangalore, India
28th 1st International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Informatics HYDERABAD, India
29th IIARD-International Conference on Innovative Research in Engineering and Technology (ICIRET-2016) Pune, India
31st Monk Prayogshala Research Summer School Mumbai, India