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JOURNALS || ASIO Journal of Experimental Pharmacology & Clinical Research (ASIO-JEPCR) [ISSN: 2455-7080]

Author Names : Shinde Poonam
Page No. : 109-119  Volume 6 Issue 1
Article Overview


Shinde Punam, N. B Ghiware, S. K. Sarje, Shaikh Arshad, Phytochemical and pharmacological evaluation of ruellia tuberosa stem bark extracts for antidepressant activity, ASIO Journal of Experimental Pharmacology & Clinical Research (ASIO-JEPCR), 2020, 6(1): 109-119.


Affiliation: Department of Pharmacology, Nanded Pharmacy College, Nanded, Maharashtra, India. 

Doi: 10.2016-37245516/;

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The present study reports physicochemical characterization, antidepressant activity of extracts from Ruellia tuberosa Stem Bark collected from local region of Nanded, Maharashtra, India. Different physical parameters like ash values, extractive value, Loss on drying, solubility etc were evaluated for powdered drug. The extracts were obtained from Soxhlet method by using water and methanol as solvents for extraction and subjected for preliminary physicochemical evaluation and antioxidant studies. Total phenolic and flavonoids content were also analyzed. The presence of primary and secondary metabolites such as carbohydrate, proteins, alkaloids, phenolic compounds, saponins was confirmed through preliminary phyto-chemical analysis. DPPH free radical scavenging assays showed strong antioxidant activities with increase in concentration of Ethyl acetate and methanol leaf extracts. Maximum percentage inhibition i.e. 80.97% was shown by methanolic extract at concentration of 150 μg/ml and was compared with Ascorbic acid as reference standard. The In-Vivo antidepressant activity of Ruellia tuberosa Stem Bark was evaluated by Despair Swim Test  model in rats using Imipramine as a standard. Both the extracts at 200mg/kg Concentration showed significant to highly significant number of entries & time spent in P zone (from P < 0.05 to P <0.001). The result suggest that Ruellia tuberosa Stem Bark extracts possess antidepressant  activity and this might be due to flavonids. Phenolic compound, steroid and proteins present in extract.

Keywords: Ruellia Tuberosa Stem Bark, Ethyl acetate and Methanolic extract, Phytochemical screening, Antioxidant effect, antidepressant activity.


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