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JOURNALS || ASIO Journal of Engineering & Technological Perspective Research (ASIO-JETPR) [ISSN: 2455-3794]
Editor in Chief         : Dr. Priyanka Gupta



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Engineering & Technology

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ASIO [H- INDEX 11.00] [IF:1.24 (2015-2020]



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We are pleased to extend a warm welcome to all the professionals from the field of Engineering & Technological educators, professionals and community stakeholders to share their original review and research thoughts and for the upliftment of the research community and for the growth of Engineering & Technological professions. I want to thank everyone those who helps us to make ASIO- JETPR journal as an outstanding journal. Our Editorial Board and reviewers are influential in our review process and provides a reliability of reviews that is desired to create an eminence journal.

 ASIO Journal of Engineering & Technological Perspective Research (ASIO-JETPR) is an open access journal that provides bi monthly publication of articles in all areas of Engineering & Technology. It is an international refereed e-journal as well as print journal. ASIO-JETPR has the aim to propagate innovative scientific research and eminence in knowledge. ASIO-JETPR Journals has become a prominent contributor for the research communities and societies. ASIO-JETPR Journal is making the bridge between research and industrial developments. The key objectives of ASIO-JETPR Journal are: 

1.      To provide a platform for the promulgation of research outputs and activities in engineering fields.

2.      To publish knowledge and results in an efficient and effective manner.

3.      To ensure the implementation of copyright and intellectual property law, ASIO-JETPR Journal keeps a strong eye on the content of research papers.

4.      To encourage new research for the industrial applications in engineering fields.

5.      To improve the standards of scientific journals for the international dissemination of information.

6.      To bring together and build a team of outstanding experts on one platform from all over the world.

7.      To produce the authentic and qualitative research.

ASIO Journal of Engineering & Technological Perspective Research (ASIO-JETPR) is an open access online peer reviewed international journal that publishes research and review articles in the fields of Computer Science, Neural Networks, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Plastic Engineering, Food Technology, Textile Engineering, Nano Technology & science, Power Electronics, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Computational mathematics, Image processing, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Environmental Engineering, VLSI Testing & Low Power VLSI Design etc. ASIO Journal of Engineering & Technological Perspective Research (ASIO-JETPR)  is a leading  journal of Engineering Research, Engineering Science, Applied engineering, Computer Science Engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, Civil engineering. ASIO-JETPR is the unit of Albert Science Library and a Research Group of Digital Database Identification System (DDIS).

Features & Benefits of ASIO-JETPR Authors:

1. Fast & Easy paper publishing process.

2. ASIO-JETPR provides individual “Digital Object Identifier (DOI) number to every article.

3. ASIO-JETPR provides “Author copy of Journal” to Authors.

4. ASIO-JETPR provides individual "Hard copy of Certificate” to all Authors.

5. ASIO-JETPR provides individual "Soft copy of Certificate” to all Authors.

An international peer reviewed open access journal published bi monthly. Aim of journal is to publish peer reviewed research and articles in the field of Engineering, Computer Science and it's applications. This journal is having full access to the research and review articles. The research results and fundamental advancement are all aspects of Engineering science and research and various engineering application. ASIO-JETPR is a scholarly open access online Journal which helps to academic person as well as student community. ASIO-JETPR provides the academic community and industry for the submission of original research and applications related to Various Engineering discipline and Technologies. The core of the vision ASIO-JETPR is sharing the innovative ideas and current trends in engineering science. In every year majority of the research works get lost due to lack of effective scientific archival systems. It also provides a place for high opportunities for practitioners, corporate people, M. Tech. student, PhD students to present ongoing research and development in their engineering areas. ASIO-JETPR invites authors for the guest editorship program for improving the journal quality and also sharing the innovative ideas. ASIO-JETPR publishing special issues on various domains. ASIO Journal of Engineering & Technological Perspective Research (ASIO-JETPR) is an international academic open access journal which gains a foothold in international level, and opens to the world. It aims to promote the integration of Engineering and Technology. The focus is to publish papers on state-of-the-art Engineering and Technology. Submitted papers will be reviewed by technical committees of the Journal and Association. The audience includes researchers, managers and operators for Engineering and Technology as well as designers and developers. All submitted articles should report original, previously unpublished research results, experimental or theoretical, and will be peer-reviewed. Articles submitted to the journal should meet these criteria and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Manuscripts should follow the style of the journal and are subject to both review and editing.

Computer Science & Technology, Electric, Electronics and Communication Engineering , Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering  & Material Sciences, Interior Design, Production Engineering, Metrology & Ceramics, Chemical Engineering, Instrumentation Technology, Information Technology (IT), Petroleum Science & Engineering, Power Engineering, Power Engineering, Space & Rocketing, Painting, Polymer and Textile Engineering, Architecture & Automobile Engineering 

Computer Science & Engineering

Advanced Algorithms

Applications of Computer Science

Architecture Evaluations

Artificial intelligence

Automation and Mobile Robots



Blue-Tooth Technologies

Brain machine Interface System

Brain Mapping

Computational Biology

Computational linguistics

Computational Statistics

Computer Applications

Computer Architecture

Computer Software / Hardware

Cyber-Science and Cyber-Space

Data and Information Systems

Data Bases and its applications

Data Compression

Data Engineering

Data Fusion

Data Mining

Data Warehousing


Design of Algorithms

Digital Speech Processing

Distributed Data Base

Distributed Knowledge-base Systems

Distributed Multimedia

Distributed Real Time Systems


Education Technology and Training

Educational Software

Embedded Systems & Applications

Environmental Protection

Fault Tolerance

Genetic Algorithms


Granular Computing

Grid & Parallel computing

High performance computing

High Performance Languages

Human Centered Transportation System (Special   Session)

Human computer Interaction

Image Processing

Industrial Apllications

Information Technology

Information Theory

Intelligent Agents

Intelligent Internet System

Intelligent Learning in Control System

Intelligent Power & Energy System

Intelligent Systems

Intelligent Transportation System

Internet based Data Bases

Knowledge Aquisition in Intelligent System

Machine Learning

Micro Electro Mechanical System

Microstrip circuits and components

Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

Operating Systems

Parallel & Distributed Computing

Parallel Computing Systems

Pattern Recognition

PCS/cellular and hybrid Systems

Performance Evaluation

Pervasive Computing and Middleware

Programming Languages

Project Management

Radar, Optical Communications

Remote sensing



Robotics and Intelligent Sensing

Satellite Communications

Scattering, RF-IC, systems-on-chips


Search Engine Design


Semantic Web & Web Services

Sensors and measuring techniques

Signal Processing & applications

Signal Processing for Communications

Soft Computing

Software Design and Development

Software Engineering

Software Evaluation Standards

Software for Parallel and Distributed Systems

Software Maintenance

Software Methodologies

Software Metrics

Software Requirements

Software Testing


System saftey and Security

and other Related Computer Science Engineering and Technology

Computer Networks

Ad hoc & sensor networks

Adaptive applications

Admission/Congestion/Flow Control

Authentication, authorization, accounting

Broadband Communications

Broadband Networks

Channel Estimation and Cancellation


Communication Software

Communication Systems Architectures and Protocols

Congestion & flow control

Congestion Management

Cross-layer optimization

Embedded networks

High-speed access networks

Home and SOHO networks

Interconnection Networks

Internet and distributed computer systems

Internet and Web Applications

IPv6 deployment & migration

Local area networks

Location-dependent services

Microwaves, Antennas, Propagation

Mobile Computing

Mobility management

Multimedia & real-time communication

Multimedia Systems

Network analysis

Network Applications

Network architecture

Network management

Network Modelling

Network reliability and security

Network Security and Privacy

Network traffic characterization

Optical Interconnection Networks

Optical Networking technologies

Optical networks

Overlay networks

Peer-to-peer networks

Performance evaluation/engineering

Performance measurement and tuning

Personal and wearable networks

Photonics Networks

Protocol Design and Analysis


Quality-of-Service provisioning


Routing and Scheduling

Routing and Switching technologies

Storage area networks

Ubiquitous networking

Wireless communications

Wireless Local loops and Wireless LANS

Wireless networks

and other related Computer Network Technologies


Mobile Computing

Automation and Mobile Robots

Communication and Cooperation through Mobile Multimedia

Distributed Systems Aspects of Mobile Computing

Enabling Infrastructures for Mobile Multimedia

Integration and Interworking of Wired and Wireless Networks

Mobile Multimedia Applications & Services

Mobile Multimedia Markets & Business Models

Traffic Engineering & Optimization

Mobile Multimedia Software Architectures

Mobility and Location Management

Operating System and Middleware

Personalization, Privacy and Security in Mobile Multimedia

Provisioning of Mobile Multimedia Services

Regulatory and Societal Issues of Mobile Multimedia

Security and Privacy of Mobile/Wireless Systems

Transaction Processing in Mobile Environments

Wireless & Mobile Multimedia Network Management

and other Mobile Computing Technologies


Multimedia Computing

AI and Image Recognition

Audio Analysis, Modeling, Processing and Transformation

Content-Based Image Retrieval

Distributed Multimedia System

Image Clustering

Image Modeling and Editing

Interfaces for Multimedia Creation

Media Fusion for Communication and Presentation

Modelling and Simulation


Multimedia Coding and Encryption

Multimedia Databases

Multimedia Description Language and Standard

Multimedia for Learning

Multimedia streaming and services

Multimedia Systems and Technologies

Video Analysis, Modeling, Processing and Transformation

Video Mining and MPEG

and other related Multimedia Computing Technologies

Computational Mathematics

Algorithms and Complexity

Algorithms and Implementations

Analysis – Mathematics

Applications in CAGD/CAD, robotics, and computer vision

Authoring languages and tools

Automated mathematical reasoning

Automated Reasoning

Challenges and solutions for mathematical workflow

Collaboration tools for mathematics

Computational algebra and geometry

Computational Differential Equations

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational Geometry and Computer Aided Geometric Design

Computational Logic

Computer algebra systems

Computer Mathematics

Computer-aided problem solving and instruction

Constructive methods for differential equations

Data mining, discovery, theory exploration

Deduction systems

Diagrammatic representations

Discrete Mathematics

Graph Algorithms

Math assistants, tutoring and assessment systems

Mathematical digital libraries

Mathematical Finance

Mathematical Logic

Mathematical Numerical Analysis

Mathematical OCR

Mathematical search and retrieval

Mathematical software design and implementation

MathML, OpenMath, and other mathematical content standards

Multi-modal representations

Numerical Method and Applications

Numerical weather prediction

Parallel/distributed/network computing

Polynomial System Solving

Repositories of formalized mathematics

Representations of mathematical knowledge

Software Design and Implementation

Statistical Methods for Signal Processing

Symbolic, Algebraic, and Geometric C

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