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Albert Science International Organization (ASIO) is international , peer-reviewed , open access , cum print version & online journals.

Our Upcoming Journals


ASIO Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Research (ASIO-JEEER)

ASIO Journal of Mechanical and Civil Engineering (ASIO-JMCE)

ASIO Journal of Recent Advances in Computer Sciences (ASIO-JRACS)

ASIO Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ASIO-JECE)

ASIO Journal of Polymer and Textile Engineering (ASIO-JPTE)

ASIO Journal of Novel Drug Delivery Systems (ASIO-NDDS)

ASIO Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences (ASIO-JDMS)

ASIO Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Science (ASIO-JAVS)

ASIO Journal of Advanced Chemistry (ASIO-JAC)

ASIO Journal of Modern Physics (ASIO-JMP)

ASIO Journal of Applied Mathematics & Biostatistics (ASIO-JAMB)

ASIO Journal of Business and Hospital Management (ASIO-JBHM)

ASIO Journal of Research & Method in Education (ASIO-JRME)

ASIO Journal of Advanced Geology and Geophysics (ASIO-JAGG)

ASIO Journal of Economics and Finance (ASIO-JEF)

ASIO Journal of History (ASIO -JH)

ASIO Journal of English literature (ASIO -JEL)

ASIO Journal of Philosophy (ASIO -JP) 

ASIO Journal of Economics (ASIO -JE) 

ASIO Journal of Biology (ASIO -JB) 

ASIO Journal of Chemical Sciences (ASIO -JCS) 

ASIO Journal of Agriculture (ASIO -JA) 

ASIO Journal of Biochemistry (ASIO -JB) 

ASIO Journal of Microbiology (ASIO -JM) 

ASIO Journal of Nanotechnology (ASIO -JNT) 

ASIO Journal of Nutrients; Food and Biotechnology (ASIO -JNFB) 

ASIO Journal of Ayurvedic Research (ASIO -JAR) 

ASIO Journal of Homeopathic Research  (ASIO -JHR)


Our Upcoming Books


A Text Book of Recent Advances in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

A Text Book of Novel Drug Delivery System

A Text Book of Organic Chemistry

A Text Book of Modern Physics 

A Text Book of Physical Pharmacy

A Text Book of Unit Operation

A Text Book of Phathophysiology & Toxicology

A Text Book of Neuro Science

Recent Advances in Nano Technology