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ASIO Journal of Drug Delivery (ASIO-JDD) -PUBLISHED 4 TH VOLUME

ASIO Journal of Drug Delivery

ASIO Journal of Drug Delivery is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles, review articles, and clinical studies related to all aspects of drug delivery. The ASIO Journal of Drug Delivery  is an international journal devoted to publish the recent advances on drug delivery and pharmaceutical technology. The journal covers all innovative aspects of all pharmaceutical dosage forms and the most advanced research on controlled release, bioavailability and drug absorption, nanomedicines, gene delivery, tissue engineering, etc. Hot topics, related to manufacturing processes and quality control, are also welcomed. 

Topics covered include:

Conventional DDS (Tablets, Capsules, Solutions, Emulsions, Suspensions, Creams,Ointments etc)

Advanced Drug DeliverySystem

Novel Drug delivery systems

Controlled-release systems



Nano Particulate systenm


Nano tubes



Vesicles and macromolecular conjugates

Antibody targeting

Protein/peptide delivery

Solid Dispersions

Fast dissolving DDS

Targeted DDS