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Albert Science International Organization (ASIO) is international , peer-reviewed , open access , cum print version & online journals.
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ASIO highly admire the scientists, engineers, medical experts, researchers, academics, professionals, students and others who contribute to our publications in their fields of expertise as they are true pillars of our publishing business.

Book Proposals
ASIO publish the scientific, technical, and medical books, encyclopedias, journals, and electronic products for academic and professional markets. Our specific fields of interest are nanotechnology, pharmaceutical science, chemistry, physics, engineering, materials science, polymer science, medicine, biosciences, mathematics, computer science and technology and other related areas of physical sciences, engineering and medicine. If you are interested in publishing a work in these fields then please submit your Book Proposal on our website.

Authors/Editor can expect a very quick response from the relevant editor to discuss your book proposal. If the editor accepts your book proposal, you can expect an agreement with competitive royalty rates, advice on how to proceed and other relevant feedback accordingly.

ASIO would start publicity and a very effective marketing through various channels in the early development stage of your work. Authors/Editors will receive as much support as possible throughout the entire publishing process. Product quality is our first criteria therefore a high-quality production effort, and publication schedule will be maintained.

Journal Proposals

ASIO is interested in acquisitions of new journals in the fields of scientific and technical interests. If you are interested in starting a new journal in any fields of science, engineering, and medicine then please submit your Journal Proposal on our website or contact us directly either by phone or email.