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Author Names : Rupajit Bhattacharya
Page No. : 01-06  Volume 4 Issue 1
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Rupajit Bhattacharya, ASIO Journal of Experimental Pharmacology & Clinical Research (ASIO-JEPCR), 2018, 4(1), 01-06.


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Dengue is an acute viral illness caused by RNA virus of the family Flavi-viridae and spread by Aedes mosquitoes. Presenting features may range from asymptomatic fever to dreaded complications such as hemorrhagic fever and shock. A cute-onset high fever, muscle and joint pain, myalgia, cutaneous rash, hemorrhagic episodes, and circulatory shock are the commonly seen symptoms. Oral manifestations are rare in dengue infection; however, some cases may have oral features as the only presenting manifestation. Early and accurate diagnosis is critical to reduce mortality. Although dengue virus infections are usually self-limiting, dengue infection has come up as a public health challenge in the tropical and subtropical nations. This article provides a detailed overview on dengue virus infections, varied clinical manifestations, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, and prevention and treatment.

Keywords: Pathology, Pathogenesis, Treatment and Management, Dengue.



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