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Author Names : J. Joshi
Page No. : 17-23  volume 1 issue 1
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dids/doi No.: 01.2016-19818151

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Each and every year so many accidents at work involving electric shock or burns are reported to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). It has been seen that most of the deadly incidents are caused by contact with overhead power lines. Even non-fatal shocks can cause brutal and eternal injury. As for example, shocks from faulty apparatus may lead to falls from ladders, scaffolds or other work platforms. Those people using or working with electricity may not be the only ones at danger – poor electrical fitting and faulty electrical device can lead to flames, which may also cause death or injury to others. At the same time shock causing injury or death. The electric shock may be received by direct or indirect contact, tracking through a medium, or by arcing. For example, electric shock may result from indirect contact where a conductive part that is not normally wound up becomes energized due to a fault. All workplaces must make sure an arrangement and the provision of first aid for the workplace, that each worker at the workplace has right to use to the tools and access to the services for the administration of first aid.

Keywords: Electrical hazards, safety, regulations, shock, first aid.

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