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Author Names : Dr. B. C. Nandy
Page No. : 01-05  volume 1 issue 1
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B. C. Nandy, B. Mazumder, Development and Validation of Analytical Methods of Celecoxib in Blood Plasma by HPLC Technique, ASIO Journal of Analytical Chemistry (ASIO-JAC), 2015, 1(1): 01-05.


dids no.: 03.2016-28554435,

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The objective of the present work involved the development of simple, rapid, sensitive and cost effective RP-HPLC method for the estimation and quantification of celecoxib in rabbit plasma to evaluate their linearity, accuracy, precision, and recovery studies. The spiked plasma serum samples used for the preparation of calibration curve and it was prepared by adding required volumes of standard celecoxib solutions and volume made up to 2 ml by pooled blank rabbit plasma serum to yield final concentrations of 250-5000 ng mL-1. Each sample was run one by one by injecting 20 μL into the injecting port; after washing the HPLC machine, initially with methanol followed by mobile phase, in a flow rate of 1.25 ml/min, detection was carried out at 250 nm and washing time with mobile phase itself was given to 30 min. Good linearity was obtained for calibration curves. By plotting the peak height vs. the celecoxib concentration (ng ml-1), the following regression equations were found: Y=58.848X + 420.54 (250 nm; concentration range: 250-5000 ng ml-1; r2 =0.9992).The precision of the method was estimated by calculating the RSD values for the results obtained at two different plasma concentrations. The LLOQ was found to be 81.46 ngmL-1. Intra-day precision ranged from 1.72% to 4.08%. Inter-day precision ranged from 1.09% to 7.76%. The percentage of intra and inter-day accuracy was in the range of 100.88-102.81% and 99.06-99.85%, respectively. The assay method demonstrated high degree of accuracy and precision.The analyte was found to be stable in rabbit plasma when stored at -20oC. The method was simple, rapid, highly sensitive, accurate, precise, and cost effective for celecoxib after rabbit plasma was simply extracted by liquid-liquid extraction method. Also, this method was extended for determination of celecoxib presence in blood plasma serum.

Keywords: Celecoxib, RP-HPLC method, rabbit plasma serum, quantification.

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