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JOURNALS || ASIO Journal of Microbiology, Food Science & Biotechnological Innovations (ASIO-JMFSBI) [ISSN: 2455-3751]

Author Names : Komal Soni
Page No. : 08-13  volume 1 issue 1
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Komal Soni, A. Gupta, Nandy B. C., A. Mittal, Nidhi S., A Review on Probiotics and their Beneficial & Side Effects, ASIO Journal of Microbiology, Food Science & Biotechnological Innovations (ASIO-JMFSBI), 2015, 1(1): 08-13.


dids/doi No.: 01.2016-97391785

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The World Health Organization's 2001 definition of probiotics is live micro-organisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host. The FAO/WHO consultation was also a first effort towards the assessment of probiotics efficacy and resulted in May 2002 in a document named as Guidelines for the Evaluation of Probiotics in Food. The term probiotic is currently used to name ingested microorganisms associated with beneficial effects to humans and other animals. Probiotics exert their beneficial effects through various mechanisms, including lowering intestinal pH, decreasing colonization and invasion by pathogenic organisms, and modifying the host immune response. Probiotic benefits associated with one species or strain do not necessarily hold true for others. The strongest evidence for the clinical effectiveness of probiotics has been in the treatment of acute diarrhea. Probiotics are now widely used in many countries by consumers and in clinical practice. The modern-day garden pea is thought to have originated from the field pea that was native to central Asia and the Middle East. Because its cultivation dates back thousands and thousands of years, the green pea is widely recognized as one of the first food crops to be cultivated by humans. Green peas are one of the newer probiotic discoveries to come to light. Some of the health benefits of green peas are well known, but recent research shows they are also a source of probiotics. In this article we review the safety of probiotics and discuss Green Peas used as Probiotics. 

Keywords: Probiotics, microorganisms, Types, Green Peas

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